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I have a VPS which I can access via myvm.com My tomcat location is C:\tomcat\ I can access my web application thats inside my tomcate/WebApps folder via http://myvm.com

Now I have a java project at C:\MyProject. I have imporeted my project into eclipse. Now I want as soon as I edit some file in C:\MyProject, it should automatically deploy it to C:\tomcat so that I can browse it via http://myvm.com

How to do that? Please some detailed steps I am very new to this system.

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2 Answers

This may help you : tuto eclipse tomcat

If you declare your tomcat installation (in C:\tomcat) in your eclipse installation, you should be able to auto publish in it or at least using "redeploy" command

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how to tell eclipse about C:\tomcat? –  user54879 Sep 12 '12 at 15:57
when you add your tomcat adapter he will ask you where your tomcat installation is located on your system –  yodamad Sep 12 '12 at 15:59
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You can use the Sysdeo Tomcat Plugin to keep your tomcat updated with the latest changes to your java project.

The jvm doesn't support some kinds of hotreplacement code but you can use DCEVM to overpass them:

The Dynamic Code Evolution Virtual Machine (DCE VM) is a modification of the Java HotSpot(TM) VM that allows unlimited redefinition of loaded classes at runtime. The current hotswapping mechanism of the HotSpot(TM) VM allows only changing method bodies. Our enhanced VM allows adding and removing fields and methods as well as changes to the super types of a class.

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