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What I want is to create some electrical symbols (transistor, capacitor, diode...) and than to use them like a puzzle elements to create electrical scheme drawing and save it as one SVG file.

My idea is

  • Use some kind of scheme for SVG (like XML Scheme) to create complex electrical symbols out of basic shapes: lines, circles, square...
  • Use instances of those symbols, with coordinates (which I load in Python) to put them in the right place in final electrical scheme
  • Save it as .SVG

What is the best way to do that? (SVGFig looks like it would do it, but I can't find similar examples) Examples would be appreciated.

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Hm, not sure if it helps you, but there was a program, called Dia diagram editor, meant for drawing SVGs and equipped with Python command line. It's quite glitchy, though, but at least it has a good set of electrical symbols within and works with SVG. Good luck!

Here are some examples:

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