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I'm writing by own blogging engine in PHP with a MYSQL backend database. MY question is: How would you go about making user comments and blog posts include newlines wherever they are appropriate?

For example, if a user hits the return key in the message/comments box how would this translate into a new line that would show in the browser when the comment is viewed?

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PHP has a function: nl2br which turns new lines into <br />


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I learnt not to trust functions like that after the PHP developers changed the semantics in a minor patch version for no reason. –  Jim Sep 23 '08 at 22:33
Do you have specifics? I see this function changed at 5.3.0 to add a "is xhtml" bool parameter and at 4.0.5 it was made XHMTL compliant by adding a closing slash to the tag. Or is there a specific function you're referring to? –  Gavin M. Roy Sep 24 '08 at 1:57
I'm talking about the 4.0.5 change. It was totally unnecessary, entirely inappropriate for a minor patch version, and broke code. What were they thinking? It's that kind of cowboy attitude that makes me glad I don't have to write PHP any more. –  Jim Sep 24 '08 at 2:38
Well... 4.0.5 was a long time ago. They seem (to me) to have a much more reasoned development process now. Typically if they do something like that now they add an option to enable it (hence the is xhtml parameter). –  Michael Johnson Sep 24 '08 at 5:26
4.0.5 is a long time ago, but there is other stuff just like that. I get all the issues people have just keep in mind that PHP is a community product. Report bugs, post to mailinglists. You have the power! (I know it sounds like a commercial, but it's really true.) –  Till Sep 24 '08 at 13:24

Replace \n\n with </p><p> and then replace \n with <br>.

PS: Pirate day was last week :).

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If you do this, make sure to wrap the entire output with <p> and </p>! –  Peter Bailey Sep 23 '08 at 21:20
Doesn't this suggestion assume that you always preface content with <p>? –  Gavin M. Roy Sep 25 '08 at 3:56
Yes, but given that he's talking about user comments and blog posts, that's not an unreasonable assumption. –  Jim Sep 25 '08 at 15:22

nl2br() (http://php.net/nl2br) is perfectly good, however that Wordpress Guy (Matt Mullenweg) has a really good function, which is a bit more advanced as it converts double line breaks to paragraphs instead (better semantically). You can find it in the Wordpress source code or here: http://ma.tt/scripts/autop/

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Really useful link, thanks! –  Philip Morton Oct 17 '08 at 8:13

It's also important what your using for a comment editor. If your using a standard textbox then yes, nl2br is what your looking for. If your going a bit more advanced such as using a WYSIWYG editor like tinyMCE, then it has configuration that can handle that for you.

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If you happen to need more formatting options (beyond paragraphs), employ something like Text_Wiki or PHP Markdown.

The advantages would be:

  • no need to allow HTML and deal with all the filtering (that's good :-))
  • clear/familiar guide to formatting data
  • a lot of flexibility when you generate the HTML (in the end for display)

The disadvantages:

  • no HTML (blessing and curse ;-))
  • people might not be familiar the syntax
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