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Is there any way to get the number of distinct groups in a distributed grouping in solr?

The ngroups param returns the summatory of all groups. If a group exists in more than one shard I will have repeated this groups in the ngroups.

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Check SOLR-3316 and SOLR-3436.
May be an existing issue which is fixed.

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I send a email to Martijn van Groningen (the author of patch for issue SOLR-3316) and he confirmed me that the result of ngroup is in fact the sum of all groups and not the distinct groups. Unfortunately, there isn't any funcionality that do that I want. – Yago Riveiro Sep 13 '12 at 16:42

There are a few solutions to this now:

You can use the stats component with pivot faceting, use group with group.facet or use the new analytics API that shipped in 5.2 (5.1. didn't seem to work when I tried it).

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