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I have a SQLite table as

    CategoryCode NVARCHAR(64) NOT NULL,
    DateTime     DateTime NOT NULL,
    ItemCode     NVARCHAR(64) NOT NULL,
    ItemName     NVARCHAR(64) NOT NULL,
    ItemValue    NUMERIC(28, 4) NOT NULL

The question is how to optimize indexes for the following query:

,SUM(ItemValue) as TotalValue
WHERE CategoryCode = 'Code1' 
AND DateTime < '2012-01-04 00:00:00'

Thank you!

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For the exact query, you will need an index on T(CategoryCode, DateTime) or T(DateTime, CategoryCode), depending on which column is more selective than the other.

However, it is unwise to create an index for a single query without a more holistic view on all access to the table.

e.g. You may find, for example, that if most data in the table has CategoryCode = 'Code1' then the index should only be created on the DateTime column.

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Unless something has changed in recent versions of sqlite, the query plan would check CategoryCode first. If you didn't include it in the index, I believe you'd be looking at a table scan. – Tom Kerr Sep 12 '12 at 17:43

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