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I have an admin page that pulls data from my ExpenseClaim model. I want to have 3 different paginated tables, each table displaying data based on a different condition (a status). This is what I have (which doesn't work - nothing is paginated in the view) in my controller:

// Pending
$this->set('claims', $this->paginate('ExpenseClaim', array('ExpenseClaim.claim_status_id' => '2')));

// Get approved
$this->set('approvedClaims', $this->paginate('ExpenseClaim', array('ExpenseClaim.claim_status_id' => '3')));

// Get Declined
$this->set('declinedClaims', $this->paginate('ExpenseClaim', array('ExpenseClaim.claim_status_id' => '4')));

Does anyone know how I can achieve this, I've do a fair amount of searching but only found things relating to different models or hacks using jquery plugins. Surely this can be done in cake alone?

Thanks in advance

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Did you wrote the above code inside ExpenseClaimsController? But in case if you in another controller, make sure you have a paginate variable as the following

public $paginate = array(
   'ExpenseClaim' => array(
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