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I have made some PHP scripts and I want to test the response time for simultaneous users in JMeter. This scripts are run in a very short time (50 miliseconds).

What I would like to do is to simulate a load test from 1 to 50 of users where each user (thread) repeats the request for an unlimited period. So first we will have 1 user, after 2 simultaneous users, after 3 ... and so on.

I am trying to do it but with I have is response times where it is evident that there is no simultaneous request.

With HP loaddrunner we can define number of iterations for each thread, is this possible in JMeter?

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You can possibly use these 2 thread group implementations

from Jmeter Plugins package, that let you set load-increase for you scenario as you want.

As well you can also look onto Synchronizing Timer if you want "better" concurrency - but this is rather stress-testcase than load one.

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Thanks you very much! I am using the Stepping Thread Group and it does exactly what I want :-) – Ciges Sep 13 '12 at 12:40

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