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After updating to revision 2156 of the Google Closure Library, goog.require() fails to find goog.ui.AutoComplete.

svn update 
At revision 2156.

Error Message

goog.require could not find: goog.ui.AutoComplete.Remote base.js:333
Uncaught Error: goog.require could not find: goog.ui.AutoComplete.Remote 

Everything is fine except for goog.ui.AutoComplete. This error has only occurred since I updated Google Closure Library.

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Closure Library revision r2132 dated August 30, 2012 has the following log message:

Remove all closure/ui/autocomplete code. This is the last step of a big goog.ui.AutoComplete rename/cleanup

If this change BREAKS YOU - first of all, SORRY!

The new package for autocomplete is, so your require statements need to be updated:

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You sir AWESOME! I spent 6hours yesterday!! Thanks a lot! – Anderson Sep 13 '12 at 1:48

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