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Currently struggling using Crystal Reports formulas. Unfamiliar with the syntax

Anyways I'm making a report that pulls Codes from 2 different tables for an EEO form. Some employees are assigned "Jobs" and others are assigned "Positions" so they are stored in different tables.

The EEO Code in the Jobs table is "eeo_sub_code". These codes are just the Digits 2-9.

The EEO Code in the Positions Table is "position_group_code". These codes are EEO2...EEO9. I want them all displayed as EEO2....EEO9

jobs.eeo_sub_code and positions.position_group_code essentially contain the same info that I need to grab. Both contain EEO codes, I'm just trying to merge them into 1 column in my report.

This is what I have so far... it's only displaying the jobs.eeo_sub_code condition

if {jobs.eeo_sub_code} = '2' OR {positions.position_group_code} = 'EEO2' then 'EEO2' else if {jobs.eeo_sub_code} = '3' OR {positions.position_group_code} = 'EEO3' then 'EEO3' else if {jobs.eeo_sub_code} = '4' OR {positions.position_group_code} = 'EEO4' then 'EEO4' else if {jobs.eeo_sub_code} = '5' OR {positions.position_group_code} = 'EEO5' then 'EEO5' else if {jobs.eeo_sub_code} = '6' OR {positions.position_group_code} = 'EEO6' then 'EEO6' else if {jobs.eeo_sub_code} = '7' OR {positions.position_group_code} = 'EEO7' then 'EEO7' else if {jobs.eeo_sub_code} = '8' OR {positions.position_group_code} = 'EEO8' then 'EEO8' else if {jobs.eeo_sub_code} = '9' OR {positions.position_group_code} = 'EEO9' then 'EEO9'

Any help is appreciated

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What you have done with table links, and what is the primary key or common colomn you have between these tables? –  Hariharan Anbazhagan Sep 13 '12 at 7:46

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Check with your link between your tables. If your tables are linked properly then try the following formula.

   {jobs.eeo_sub_code} = '2' OR {positions.position_group_code} = 'EEO2'
then 'EEO2' 
else if 
   {jobs.eeo_sub_code} = '3' OR {positions.position_group_code} = 'EEO3' 
then 'EEO3' 

Use this syntax !! Pls get back with your comments.

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