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I'm completely new to stata. I'm trying to merge 3 different datasets which have dates in them with format (d-mmm-yy). While trying to merge i'm encountering with an error saying

date is str 9 in using data stata

I have no clue what this error is about. Need some help. I can provide any additional info if required.


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For each of your 3 datasets, what does -describe date- produce? –  Dimitriy V. Masterov Sep 12 '12 at 18:02

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This probably means that in some data sets, the date is stored as a number (Stata's format is Unix-like, # of elapsed days since 1 Jan 1960), while in others, it is a string (which is exactly what Stata tells you). You need to convert them all to the same format, e.g. with

generate long n_date = date(date, "DMY", 2050)

See help date() or help date functions.

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