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I'm trying to implement a markup system in my Rails application using the bb-ruby gem. Currently I'm working on something similar to how Stackoverflow handles it's code markdown and I ran into some difficulty.

Essentially I want the user-entered text:


To spit out the code in plain-text, perhaps in a pre and code tag block. Passing that string of text to my code parser will wrap the code in a pre and code block but the HTML also gets rendered. I pass the string to my code parser like so:

sanitize(text.bbcode_to_html(formats, false).html_safe)

Of course, if I remove the .html_safe helper from the call my view will spit out:

<pre><code><br /> <h1>Hello World</h1><br /> </code></pre>

Obviously that's not the desired result. So my question is, how can I accomplish plain-text code only within the pre + code tags while maintaining the html_safe helper method?

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bbcode != markdown –  PeeHaa Sep 12 '12 at 17:05
I never said it was markdown - by "stackoverflow-like" I meant in the sense that you're taking plain text and parsing that into HTML. I probably could have gave a better example but none came to mind. This is definitely more of a Rails/HTML problem than a markup/markdown problem, however. Updated for clarification. –  Noz Sep 12 '12 at 17:12

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I know this is an old question but you can try using the strip_tags after the bbcode_to_html one.

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