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I have an application in which there are 9 in app purchases. I have created them and all are ready to submit, but unfortunately I have given ready to upload binary with out selecting the in app purchase items. Now the apps' state is Waiting for Upload, but i forgot to select the in app purchases. Is there any way I can resubmit the app again? Can anybody help me?

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thanks to all...saved my life ..thank u all... –  hacker Sep 13 '12 at 5:29

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Submit(Upload) the binary of your App using Application Loader or through Xcode. The status would change to Waiting For Review.

Then from iTunes Home Page, click Manage Your Applications -> Select your App(you just uploaded) -> View Details -> Binary Details -> Reject This Binary

Following this would allow you to submit the in App Purchases along with the App for review

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Simply reject your binary and submit a new one.

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Submit any binary and then reject it. That will allow you to go in and add the IAP's. Then submit your app.

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