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I am trying to make a custom control class for a Funnel Chart on WP7 I use and observable collection to handle the datapoints. I have the onchanged function call a updatefunnelchart function which tells it to clear the canvas I have, add drawings to the canvas, and also add stack panels with the label information. If I just get rid of the on changed property and set the collection manually the stack panels stack but if I add that bit in they don't ever expand out to a size and I get overlapping elements. Is this a threading issue? any thoughts would be helpful.


I have now found that if I remove the update but just change the position of a panel on the canvas from the oncollectionchanged event it still keeps its stack panel property...


The problem has to do with Canvas I just cant quit figure out why. Does anyone know of some reasons Stack panels or other objects like stack panels will break their formatting inside of a canvas.

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I am now fairly sure this is an issue with threading. multiple calls from multiple threads trying to change the same element.

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