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I have a WPF application and I want to be able to save the output of the application to a PDF document, the item I want to save can be a Visual a Drawing or a FixedDocument (I can create it as any of those options, and it's easy to convert between them).

Is there any library that can convert directly from WPF to PDF (without writing code to walk the visual tree and recreate it using PDF primitives).

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To get WPF content into XPS follow the directions found on Feng Yuan's blog:


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If you got your WPF visual tree rendered in to XPS then try this XPS to PDF converter NIXPS.

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For this sceneario I recommend using XpsDocumentWriter class to get a XPS document, then converting it to PDF using Amyuni PDF Creator
Disclaimer: I work for Amyuni Technologies

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Do you offer any sort of free support for people evaluating your product? The forums are close to dead and there are several questions about your product that have gone unanswered. –  Michael Apr 29 '11 at 19:34
@Mick Yes, there is free support during evaluation. –  yms Apr 29 '11 at 19:38

We have just released a new library that facilitates this: NiPDF v1.0

Here is a link to an example on our site that converts WPF to PDF.

It is a 100% managed .NET assembly, and you don't need to learn an arcane API top be able to use it.

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