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My webhost is a2hosting and they provide the following document for getting mezzanine set up:


The only part of that guide I didn't do is modifying the public)html root's .htaccess to forward to the folder. Thus I should be able to access the server via mydomain.com/mezz (right?)

I've also ran collectstatic.

This is what I get: http://dapperhat.net/mezz

It looks like the CSS just isnt working and I ran collectstatic but still the same thing. The weirdest part is that it shows that whether or not I have the server running!

I think it has something to do with the handler in that guide but I dont understand it enough to track it down. Any help would be appreciated!

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Your STATIC_URL probably points to /static/ but your site is hosted at /mezz/

Try the following setting;

STATIC_URL = "/mezz/static/"
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Thank you! After posting that ive been diving into it more and was dancing around that answer....works now :D –  P4r0dy Sep 12 '12 at 20:46

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