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In R, I specify a model with no intercept as follows:

lmFit <- lm(Sepal.Length ~ 0 + Petal.Length + Petal.Width, data=iris)
> round(coef(lmFit),2)
Petal.Length  Petal.Width 
        2.86        -4.48 

However, if I fit the same model with caret, the resulting model includes an intercept:

caret_lmFit <- train(Sepal.Length~0+Petal.Length+Petal.Width, data=iris, "lm")
> round(coef(caret_lmFit$finalModel),2)
 (Intercept) Petal.Length  Petal.Width 
        4.19         0.54        -0.32 

How do I tell caret::train to exclude the intercept term?

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That's not possible without changes in the source code. See createModel.R line 25: modFormula <- as.formula(".outcome ~ ."); the intercept is always included – rcs Nov 25 '13 at 20:33

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@rcs already told you which line in which function you need to change.

Just use trace to modify that function:

       quote(modFormula <- as.formula(".outcome ~ .-1")), at=5, print=FALSE)
caret_lmFit <- train(Sepal.Length~0+Petal.Length+Petal.Width, data=iris, "lm")
#Petal.Length  Petal.Width 
#        2.86        -4.48 

However, I don't use caret. There might be unforeseen consequences. It's also often not a good idea to exclude the intercept from the model.

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I did not know you could use trace to modify functions. That's great! Thank you. – Zach Nov 30 '13 at 15:07

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