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I am trying to implement multithreading using ExecutorService for downloading files parallely. Below is my code

   public void downloadFiles(List<String> filenames, final String fileSavePath) {
    if (filenames != null && filenames.size() > 0) {
        List<Callable<Void>> jobs = new ArrayList();
        for (final String fileName : filenames) {
            jobs.add(new Callable() {
                public Void call() throws Exception {
                    downloadFile(fileName, fileSavePath);
                    return null;

My requirement is that i want to return a status from this method after all the files are downloaded succesfully. I am not sure how to do this. I cannot access variable of inner class from an outer one.

Any advice would be appreciable.


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From the Javadoc of Callable:

A task that returns a result and may throw an exception. Implementors define a single method with no arguments called call.

Taking a cue from this, change List<Callable<Void>> jobs to List<Callable<Boolean>> jobs and similarly change your return type of your call method. Using this, after completion of the task, you can then check the returned status.

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Hi Sujay, Thanks i implemented it as suggested and it works fine. 'private boolean performJobs(List<Callable<Boolean>> jobs) { try { boolean jobDone = false; List<Future<Boolean>> futures = service.invokeAll(jobs); for (Future<Boolean> future : futures){ jobDone = future.get(); if(!jobDone) return jobDone; } return jobDone; } catch (Exception e) { throw new IllegalStateException(e); } finally { service.shutdown(); } }' This works for me –  Yahiya Sep 12 '12 at 20:18
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A Callable can return a result. When you submit a job to the executor service, you get a future back. Calling get() on it will give you back the result returned by the Callable which can very well be the status of that particular download.

In your particular example, instead of returning null, return the result of downloading the file. Another way can be to use a shared thread-safe queue between the callables and add the status to that queue (though it's a roundabout way of doing stuff). You can also use this sort of trick to "update" some status on the UI etc.

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