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I have a basic Spine/coffeescript app and I am trying to get the parameters out of the route that I have set up, by looking at examples of other applications. Here is the basic stack:

class Main extends Spine.Stack
  el: "#main"

    sources: Sources

  default: 'sources'

    '/sources/:id': 'sources'

Here is the sources controller:

class Sources extends Spine.Controller
  el: '#something'

  constructor: ->

  active: (params) ->
    @id = params.id

However, params is undefined when active is called. I am navigating to /#/sources/soemthing. Maybe there is something about the sugar in the stack that I don't understand, but the example I've seen seems to just work in this way. Can anyone tell me what is missing?

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So apparently the stack always initializes the default controller with no parameters before switching to one of the other controllers, even if you navigate to /#/route/parameter directly. After adding a default controller that does nothing, this problem went away.

class Main extends Spine.Stack
  el: "#main"

    home: Home
    sources: Sources

  default: 'home'

    '/': 'home'
    '/sources/:zooniverse_id': 'sources'

P.S. If you are trying to get Spine help on SO, don't. Go to the SpineJS google group: https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/spinejs

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