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I did the scripting like

$item_name = $item["Server_Name"]
$result = nslookup $item_name #a nslookup code to get the server's ip
$split = $result.tostring()

Caz use split() directly will fail, so I used to String(), but it display like System.Object[]

how can I exact the content from the $result

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Invoking an executable and storing the result in a variable will give you the standard output in a string array corresponding to the "lines" of output.

In general, if you want to combine the elements of a string array into a single string, use -join <delimiter>. As in

'one','two','three' -join 'xyz'
'one','two','three' -join "`r`n"

So you could do

$result = nslookup <servername>
$singleString = $result -join "`r`n"
<process $singleString here>

Or, if you are searching for a particular string pattern in the output, I like to use this pattern, which handles each line of output individually:

nslookup <server> |?{ $_ -match 'someregex' } |%{ <use $matches here to process> }
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Alternatively to using -join for taking an array of strings and creating a single string, you can simply pipe the output of nslookup to Out-String e.g.:

$result = nslookup $server_name | Out-String
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