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i tried to use Meteor.renderList to render some sort of chat messages. I use the callback method to add the domFragment to a list. = ->
    list = this.find "ul"
    list.appendChild fragmet

If I place the list inside <template name="foo"> Meteor throws errors in an endless loop/recursion.

Uncaught Error: LiveRange start and end must have a parent 

I have to use another template thats not directly connected to foo. Appending the list from within the foo#rendered callback than works as expected. = ->
    document.getElementById("foo").appendChild fragmet # element with id foo not part of template foo

I think, that there is a problem with the reactive contextes used by the template and renderList? Anyone knows if this is a bug or the expected behavior? I looked into the sources but was lost in there quite fast ;)


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This makes sense because you are appending an element to the template when the template is rendered. So, every time the template is rendered, it appends an element to itself, causing it to re-render itself, ad infinitum.

Are you sure you want Meteor.renderList to render your list rather than using an {{each}} iterator in the template itself?

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