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I have a simple ASP.NET Azure web application with a Webrole running in a Hostable Web Core. However when I run the application in the emulator I get a “404 page not found error” and the OnStart Method of the Webrole is not invoked(I know this because the deployment compute emulator console does not show the “Calling OnStart()” message and the breakpoint put in the OnStart is not hit). The configuration of the machine on which I am running this app:

Windows 8 Release Preview, 
Visual Studio Version: 2010,
.net platform: 4.0, 
Windows Azure SDK version: 1.7

I also have IIS Hostable WebCore enabled in my IIS settings in the “Windows Features” Has anybody experienced this problem before ?

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Did you confirm that the Azure Cloud Service Project is the default project and NOT the ASP.NET project (I've done that a few times) - I presume so because it does show in the emulator? Does a File->New project show the same issue? Same issue if you use full IIS versus HWC? Might be worthwhile just uninstalling and reinstalling the emulator. – Jim O'Neil Sep 13 '12 at 0:21
Thanks for your response Jim. 1)I did ensure that the default project is the Cloud Service Project 2)The above project i am referring to is a simple File->New Project 3)I do not see the same issue with Full IIS. The break point in OnStart of the webrole is hit and page is shown 4) I wiped out my entire win 8 installation and re installed vs 2010 along with the Azure SDK but do face the same issue :( – user1666921 Sep 13 '12 at 5:01

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