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I want to build image/photo editor in Silverlight but I am a newbie that's why I don't know where I must start. I think developing of this application give a good understanding of all basic concepts.
Some requirements:
Application must have functionality for open and save image.
Application must support at least one image format.
Application must realize next functionality:

  • Crop image;
  • Rotate image;
  • Invert color;
  • Change brightness;
  • Grayscale;

Can somebody write me the plan like this:

  • Start from (this) ...
  • Use this ...
  • Try to use (something) for ...
  • Read this ...
  • After these steps do (this)...

At the moment I learned XAML basics and read some stuff about Silverlight at all but I don't know where I can start to do this task. And I have background in C#


I don't want someone else to do work for me I only want to have some start point.

P.S. I tried to use Google:)

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I think I can give that a shot:

Needs Jquery

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