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I have a shopping cart app that needs to take credit cards. The credit card numbers get entered into 4 different input fields side by side, because that's how most credit cards are formatted, 16-digits, divided into groups of 4. I have a neat effect to help make filling out these form fields easier. When the user types in 4 characters, I automatically set the focus to the next input field.

This doesn't work on the iOS devices. When I change the focus, the keyboard drops and nothing else happens.

To facilitate this i am capturing keypresses:

$('input:regex(id, ^cc)').unbind("keyup").keyup(function(e) {
var element = e.target;
if($(element).val().length == 4) {
            var cid = $(element).prop('id');

            var prefix  = cid.substr(0, 4);
            var number  = cid.substr(4, 1);
            var postfix = cid.substr(5, cid.length);

            //Use closest UL so that we stay within the bounds of this card
            $(element).closest('ul').find('#' + prefix + ++number + postfix + ':first').focus();

The entry fields have enumerated ids 'cc-1', 'cc-2' etc which explains the last line in the jquery callback. Please ignore any syntax issues. I've scrubbed this code and might have made some mistakes along the way. Quite frankly i don't think there's anything wrong with my code, i just think it's an iOS thing.

I know that you can't make the keyboard appear without user interaction, but isn't a key press a user interaction? Does anyone know a workaround?

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possible duplicate of iPad HTML Focus – John Koerner Sep 12 '12 at 21:26
I don't believe this is a duplicate, because i am doing this via user interaction. I guess the question I have is does key press count as a user interaction? – aamiri Sep 13 '12 at 12:56

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