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Is there a reusable registration component (or Sign Up Component) based on Java EE that I can use in my application?

By registration component I mean a set of basic details (should be customizable) that the user need to enter to Register in a website. It might be a set of JSP/HTML pages which needs to populate the information in some DataBase. There might be some SQL scripts available for creating the required tables/columns

Could you please let me know?

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I believe you have the following options, depending on your needs and your future website user base:

  1. Implement your own pages but with some help from the popular libraries like Apache Shiro or Spring Security module

  2. Use some fully-featured authentication mechanism like OpenAM

  3. Forget about managing auth yourself and use available options served by Google/Twitter/Facebook etc. Great library for working with the 3rd option is SocialAuth which I have tried myself and I can recommend.

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Thanks for the reply. Actually I'm looking for a reusable registration component. For example, we have reusable templates for the forums. Something similar to that. –  Apps Sep 16 '12 at 19:05

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