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I need to get the session id from selenium RC so I can pass it into selenium grid to see what box my test is running on. This is simple to do in Webdriver (theres a protected method getSessionId()) but I haven not found anything for Selenium RC. Does anyone know of a way to do this? I am not talking about the JSESSIONID cookie but rather the sessionId Selenium uses so you can reuse a browser window.

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One way is to perform a

String retrieveLastRemoteControlLogs = selenium.retrieveLastRemoteControlLogs();

and then parse for the session. You should end up seeing something along the lines of:

... Allocated session a6d75784d2e64a83898fa310796e24de for ...

update: even better would be to use

String logs = selenium.getLog();

Which would get only the logs for your session.

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