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Let's say I have this XML:

  <Route ref="timeconditions">


$doc    = new SimpleXMLElement('routingConfig.xml', null, true);
$foo = $doc->xpath('/Routes/Route[@ref="timeconditions"]/Table/Fields[@Fieldsname="truegoto"]/ancestor::Tablename');

Returns blank array. Now I realize I'm basically digging into a child then backing up to it's parent, but in my context that is what I need to do. What am I doing wrong? I'm trying to get <Fieldsname>falsegoto</Fieldsname> parents sibling value called <Tablename>.

Going crosseyed staring at this....

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Fields has no attribute Fieldsname its a child node, also Tablename is a sibling of Fields not an ancestor. Try

$foo = $doc->xpath('/Routes/Route[@ref="timeconditions"]/Table/Fields[Fieldsname="truegoto"]/preceding-sibling::Tablename');
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Thank you very much - always a simple mistake. – Jared Sep 13 '12 at 11:47


/*/*/Table[Fields/Fieldsname = 'truegoto']/Tablename

This selects any Tablename element that is a child of any Table element that has a grandchild (whose parent is Fields) Fieldsname whose string value is 'truegoto', and that (the Table element) is a grandchild of the top element of the XML document.

Do note:

  1. No reverse axes are used.

  2. Because of this, the expression is shorter, simpler and easier to understand.

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