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If I want to find the table name and column name of all columns in a Firebird database whose type is BLOB SUB_TYPE TEXT, what would be the correct metadata query to return this information?

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Use this:

  rdb$relation_fields rf JOIN rdb$fields f
    ON rf.rdb$field_source = f.rdb$field_name
  f.rdb$field_type = 261 AND f.rdb$field_sub_type = 1

list of possible rdb$field_sub_type codes you can find here.

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You can also find a list of (standard) types and sub-types in the system table RDB$TYPES (eg using: SELECT a.RDB$FIELD_NAME, a.RDB$TYPE, a.RDB$TYPE_NAME FROM RDB$TYPES a WHERE RDB$FIELD_NAME IN ('RDB$FIELD_TYPE', 'RDB$FIELD_SUB_TYPE') –  Mark Rotteveel Sep 13 '12 at 17:16

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