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I'm researching Neo4j to compare it's performance for implementing an access control list. It seems like this is a great fit.

Here's an article from a few years ago describing this exact use case.

The has_access method though is written in ruby. I would think that using gremlin to process the query on the server would be more efficient for large graphs. How would I determine if a user has access to a node using Gremlin?


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It turns out that for this problem, access to a folder can be determined by parsing the shortest paths between the user and the user and the folder.

Here is a cypher query that returns the shortest paths between two nodes, where the user is at node 157 and the folder is at node 160.

START u=node(157),f=node(160) 
MATCH p=allShortestPaths(u-[*]->f) 
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