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I am storing two million files in an amazon S3 bucket. There is a given root (l1) below, a list of directories under l1 and then each directory contains files. So my bucket will look something like the following

l1/a1/file1-1.jpg l1/a1/file1-2.jpg l1/a1/... another 500 files l1/a2/file2-1.jpg l1/a2/file2-2.jpg l1/a2/... another 500 files ....


I would like to list as fast as possible the second level entries, so I would like to get a1, a2, a5000. I do not want to list all the keys, this will take a lot longer.

I am open to using directly the AWS api, however I have played so far with the right_aws gem in ruby

There are at least two APIs in that gem, I tried using bucket.keys() in the S3 module and incrementally_list_bucket() in the S3Interface module. I can set the prefix and delimiter to list all of l1/a1/*, for example, but I cannot figure out how to list just the first level in l1. There is a :common_prefixes entry in the hash returned by incrementally_list_bucket() but in my test sample it is not filled in.

Is this operation possible with the S3 API?


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Check out the S3 documentation for the ListBucket operation:…. To obtain a1-a5000 specify prefix="/l1/" delimeter="/". To obtain /l1/a123/* specify prefix="/l1/a123/", delimeter="/". Is that what you had in mind? – Oren Trutner Aug 6 '09 at 17:16
Oren, You are right it is working now. Thanks a lot. Maybe the test bucket structure I created was wrong. – Marius Seritan Aug 6 '09 at 18:06

right_aws allows to do this as part of their underlying S3Interface class, but you can create your own method for an easier (and nicer) use. Put this at the top of your code:

module RightAws
  class S3
    class Bucket
      def common_prefixes(prefix, delimiter = '/')
        common_prefixes = []
        @s3.interface.incrementally_list_bucket(@name, { 'prefix' => prefix, 'delimiter' => delimiter }) do |thislist|          
          common_prefixes += thislist[:common_prefixes]

This adds the common_prefixes method to the RightAws::S3::Bucket class. Now, instead of calling mybucket.keys to fetch the list of keys in your bucket, you can use mybucket.common_prefixes to get an array of common prefixes. In your case:

# => ["l1/a1", "l1/a2", ... "l1/a5000"]

I must say I tested it only with a small number of common prefixes; you should check that this works with more than 1000 common prefixes.

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it is amazing that this wasn't built in still, but this saved me a lot of time. thanks. – drudru Dec 4 '10 at 1:10
I improved it somewhat here:… (it also lists individual files now). Still can't believe that this isn't built into one of the many Ruby S3 gems. – Erik Feb 4 '11 at 14:16

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