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My company is planning develop an iPad app that will rely heavily on video calls and I am trying to decide which API/tools to use.

Our requirements are as follows:

  • High quality video with minimal delay or dropping of calls (provided users on each end have good connection)
  • Good security
  • Customizable UI; ability to move/resize video windows
  • Ability to switch between FaceTime and iSight cameras; user would typically use FaceTime but could turn iPad around to use iSight when better resolution is required

I am well aware that there is no FaceTime API. Is there some other WebRTC-like API/SDK I could use that meets these requirements? Based on my research so far, OpenTok (TokBox) seems like the best bet.

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AddLive is another API, though at this point, it seems incomplete. It is missing files from iOS SDK at least as of today.

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The AddLive SDK is still invitation-only. We still want to know every customer to understand their needs and how we can help. More info:; Request access: – stoiczek Jan 25 '14 at 14:15

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