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In a JEditorPane for formatting purposes i am using Courier New font type. However the whitespaces are being removed as HTML is white-space insensitive. Therefore If I try to print something like this: "1 3 4", it removes the extra spaces and in practice prints "1 3 4". Any thoughts around this?

  public  JEditorPane  editorPane;
  // add a HTMLEditorKit to the editor pane
  HTMLEditorKit kit = new HTMLEditorKit();
  // add some styles to the html
  StyleSheet styleSheet = kit.getStyleSheet();
  styleSheet.addRule("body {color:#0f0; font-family:times; margin: 1px; }");
  styleSheet.addRule("h1 {color:blue;}");
  styleSheet.addRule("h2 {color:#ff0000;}");
  styleSheet.addRule("."+StyleCourierNew+" {font-family:\"Courier New\"; font: 11px monaco; color: black; }");
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I got the answer: st=st.replaceAll(" ", " "); – C graphics Sep 12 '12 at 23:56

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I got the answer:

sString=sString.replaceAll(" ", " ");
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