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I have two columns related to each other in a Rails model:


I want to change the Article.body_updated_on to Time.now, every time Article.body is updated. If any other fields updated nothing needs to be happen.

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Just add before save callback to your Article model

class Article < ActiveRecord:Base

  before_save :update_body_modified

private       # <--- at bottom of model

  def update_body_modified
    self.body_updated_on = Time.now if body_changed?
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Thanks.. You saved my life... –  geekdeepak Sep 14 '12 at 3:40
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You can either override the default setter for body, or better yet, use a callback to set it just before update. You could choose from several options: before_save, before_update ... depending on exactly when you want it.

 before_save do |article|
   article.body_updated_on = Time.now if article.body_changed?
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