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I have a Ruby method nested inside a jQuery onclick event and I want the method to execute when the div is clicked. This works; however, the method is also executing on page refresh. Why does it also execute on page refresh and is there any way to limit it to only onclick?

 $(function() { 
      <% foo_bar %>
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I don't see how foo_bar can be executed when you click on the div. Ruby is executed server side, jQuery is executed client side. You cannot execute ruby code from your client.
Your foo_bar is executed on refresh page because the server need to interpret it to give it's result into the <% %> tag. However, when you click on the div, nothing will happen because the jquery function will be empty (since you did not write <%= %>). Even if you wrote <%= %>, the jQuery would only execute the foo_bar result, not the function itself.

Maybe you could explain what you want to do in your foo_bar. If you want interact with the server, you will need something like Ajax.

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Please review this blog entry I wrote. In short, the ruby code executes on the server, and the javascript, which runs on the client, sees nothing. To have javascript interact with ruby, you need to initiate a request back to the server via some kind of ajax request. Libraries like jquery help with this.

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