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Is it possible to have a builtin player that plays flv/mp4 in phonegap? I don't want to use third party apps, just builtin player that opens links.

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both of them are just containers and i don't think that the phonegap team would build such a big project. – Ken Sep 13 '12 at 0:27
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for playing flv you need third party library because non of the ios or android support it naively but for mp4 you can use phonegap media api :

 // Audio player
    var my_media = new Media(src, onSuccess, onError);

    // Update media position every second
    var mediaTimer = setInterval(function() {
        // get media position
            // success callback
            function(position) {
                if (position > -1) {
                    console.log((position) + " sec");
            // error callback
            function(e) {
                console.log("Error getting pos=" + e);
    }, 1000);

for more information see :

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