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I'm trying to run a shell script from a breakpoint in Xcode 4.5 DP 3. I set the breakpoint as such using the Choose button.

Shell script command

However, upon hitting the breakpoint I get the following message:

Error in shell command for breakpoint "(selector name)". The command "/Users/Max/Developer/saveToLog.sh" does not exist.

I've tried to put regular shell commands, like "say test" but Xcode prints the same message (with a different command name, of course). The shell script works fine when I run it from terminal.

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Have you tried set permissions? Eg. chmod +x saveToLog.sh –  tcurvelo Sep 20 '12 at 3:44

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Ok, first check to make sure you have the shell permissions set correctly. In terminal type:

chmod u+x saveToLog.sh

And I would also locate the shell script inside the project folder (didn't seem to work correctly for me when the script was located on my desktop).

This is the script I tested on:

touch ~/Desktop/ItWorks.txt 
echo "This actually works!" > ~/Desktop/ItWorks.txt
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No dice -- I added the shell script to my app target, but when I hit the breakpoint I get: Xcode[907:203] *** NSTask: Task create for path '/Users/Max/Developer/iphone/HeyZap/appendToLog.sh' failed: 22, "Invalid argument". Terminating temporary process. regardless of the contents of the script –  MaxGabriel Sep 21 '12 at 5:04
Try running it with out the argument with the script I added to the answer –  Brendt Sep 21 '12 at 5:34
Thanks Brendt! I was missing the #!/bin/bash line to make it work. Have a good day, Max –  MaxGabriel Sep 21 '12 at 18:07
No worries Max, glad to have helped! Have a great day also :) –  Brendt Sep 23 '12 at 23:22

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