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I'm writing a dead simple Makefile to be used with GHCi and gedit. Essentially, I define a module to load, and a function (along with its parameters) to call/test. The Makefile would need to execute GHCi and then pass the necessary commands into it. I tried piping with echo, and it worked in a normal shell, but fails due to the way make handles whitespace, strings & formatting. It feeds the whole thing as as one single line, rather than individual lines of input. On top of that, it is a bit messy.

# Sorry if backslashes are messed up do to tabs...
module   = somemodule
function = somefunction
params = 5 "Hello"

default: *.hs
    echo                \
        :l $(module)        \
        $(function) $(params)   \
        | ghci          

How could I acheive this cleanly and elegantly? :)

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How does it fail? How do you know that the cause is whitespace, strings & formatting? What's wrong with echo :l $(module) $(function) $(params) | ghci? – Beta Sep 13 '12 at 3:13
@Beta The main issue is that :l $(module) and $(function) $(params) need to be two seperate lines (since they need to be interactively evaluated seperately by GHCi), and this is feeding them as one. Other methods I've tried to explicitly seperate them causes them to be considered to be seperate commands. I'll add this to the question. – Miguel Sep 13 '12 at 4:47

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Have you tried using two separate echo commands?

( echo ":l $(module)"; echo "$(function) $(params)" ) | ghci
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An upcoming version of GNU Make will have a $(file) function to aid in similar situations, though perhaps not quite this one.

In lieu of that, the basic approach is to have the newlines not be newlines at the critical moment:

define boilerplate
:l $(module)
$(function) $(params)

define newline


default: *.hs
    echo '$(subst $(newline),|,$(boilerplate))' | tr '|' '\n' | ghci

(The source text for that $(newline) definition contains two empty lines, as define eats one trailing newline before the endef.)

If you can't assume GNU Make and therefore don't have subst or define, you can write the |-encoded newlines directly in the echo command:

default: *.hs
    echo ':l $(module)|$(function) $(params)' | tr '|' '\n' | ghci which point it's just a matter of taste whether this is better or worse than Idelic's subshell suggestion.

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