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On other platforms I've kept memory usage down by storing seldom-accessed per-vertex geometry and color data solely in a VBO in GPU memory and using glMap to read and/or modify it piecewise every once in a while.

When reading the OpenGL ES 2 book I noticed it says on page 118:

OpenGL allows applications to read the contents of the vertex buffer storage but these API calls are missing from OpenGL ES. As there is no mechanism to read buffer data in OpenGL ES, these enums are no longer valid and are therefore not supported.

I Googled around a while and saw the existence of glMapBufferOES (which seems poorly documented). Does this still work? Is it a commonly supported extension? Is there any way I can use this in WebGL? If not, are there other ways I could read the contents of a VBO, or is my only option to keep a Javscript reference to my own ArrayBuffer object (or some other non-GPU storage)?

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If an extension is not in the Khronos WebGL extension repository, then it is not available for use in WebGL.

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