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I am designing a single page website and want the fixed nav links to change colour whenever the user scrolls to the specified location. Seems pretty easy to do, I thought it was pretty easy to do, but I am having problems making it work.

I only downloaded the Scrollspy JS Plugin, as I am not using the Twitter Bootstrap CSS. I just require the Scrollspy Plugin.

Could you check this jsFiddle and provide some guidance? I have already checked out the documentation here, but I've had no luck. Any help is greatly appreciated :)

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Ignoring the serious issues with your use of JSFiddle1, and the typographic errors2, the principle things wrong are

  1. You need the .nav class on the <ul> in the navbar, and
  2. The #welcome is not an existing element, causing a JS error.

Here's a fixed demo:


Oh, and you don't need both data-api and js to initialize the plugin; choose one.

1 Loading Bootstrap 2.0.2 + 2.0.4 at the same time; trying to include a <body> in the html panel

2 Using upperCamelCase on a function that doesn't need it: scrollSpy();

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Thank you! And thanks for pointing out my weaknesses. Best way to learn :). It was my first time using jsFiddle. But I'll get the hang of it. – rvazquez Sep 13 '12 at 21:04
Please resize browser when scroll bar is in between and then check selected item in menu bar... its not working with browser resize :( – Chinmayee G Jan 9 '13 at 20:40
@ChinmayeeG I don't see how handling viewport changes is relevant to resolving issue of OP. Handling your remark would involve extending the ScrollSpy plugin's functionality, which I don't think is in the scope of the question. However, I acknowledge the issue you point out and encourage you to post it as a separate question elsewhere. – merv Jan 10 '13 at 6:51

Key thing you are missing is you have to have a "nav" class on the ul element (or some other parent element) as that is used in the scrollspy code as part of a selector.

I couldn't get yours to work for some reason but here is a simplified example:

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Your ul needs a nav class, but most important for scrollspy to work properly is that your target needs to be one level about the ul. Otherwise I've found that scrollspy doesn't work.

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