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I am trying to share a folder using FileShare but I am getting this error; any idea?

Coppying WixCommonLib
Coppying TNSORA
running Candle, candle.exe -ext WixIisExtension Product.wxs
Microsoft (R) Windows Installer Xml Compiler version 3.5.2519.0
Copyright (C) Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.
Product.wxs(41) : error CNDL0005 : The Component element contains an unexpected child element 'FileShare'.
Product.wxs(44) : error CNDL0005 : The Component element contains an unexpected child element 'User'.

Here's the script:

    <Component Id="FilesShareComp" Win64="yes" Guid="801595A6-4CB0-481B-892E-C37A48954DD9">
      <FileShare Id="FilesShare" Name="MyFolder" Description="MyFolder">
        <Permission User="sharedusers" GenericAll="yes" />
      <User Id="shareduser" Name="testuser" CreateUser="No" Domain="[ComputerName]" Password="Password1" FailIfExists="no">
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Looks like the answer is given on the mailinglist –  Wimmel Sep 16 '12 at 19:28

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Try this

<user:User Id='Everyone' Name='Everyone' CreateUser='no' FailIfExists='no' RemoveOnUninstall='no' />
<user:FileShare Id='SharedFolder' Description='Share Folder description if any' Name='ShareFolderName'>
  <user:Permission GenericRead='yes' ReadPermission='yes' Read='yes' GenericExecute='yes' User='Everyone' />
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Shouldn't it be util: not user: ? –  Walt Feb 12 '14 at 22:26

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