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This script allows you to click an element all you want, but when you click anything but that element, it fades something out. In my code below I can click all I want inside of $('.wrapper') and nothing happens, but when I click anything outside of that element, I have $('.popup') fadeOut.

(function hideElementOnOffClick(elementWrapper, elementToHide) {

    $(document).bind('click', function(evnt) {
        var $target = $(;

       if ($ || elementWrapper.has( {


then I call the function with the two element classes in it:

hideElementOnOffClick($('.wrapper'), $('.popup'))

It works find if I use $('.wrapper') instead of elementWrapper and $('.popup') instead of elementToHide, but when I make it into something I can call on in different places with different classes, it doesn't.

How do I fix the parameters so that this works? ​

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You could use .stopPropagation() to stop event propagation, this make your code more clear.

function hideElementOnOffClick(elementWrapper, elementToHide) { {
    $(document).click(function(e) {
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wow thank you, perfect! – android.nick Sep 13 '12 at 8:52

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