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I got a news display section in my web application. I need to show the first 2 lines of news in a div, which is 450px X 30 px height, 15 px line height.

I only need to show the first 2 lines. I did with server side string split like


Its showing "sdasd asdasd ad..." if my news contains more than 200 chars ..

But the real problem is ..

Suppose my news contains more "W's " then the news will go beyond the div and show "WWWW..."

And if the news contains "i" ... Then the 2 lines will not fill even my news contains more than 500 chars ...

I would likes to fill my 2 lines with the text and append a "..." if text contains more chars.

It making my application weird look.

I have no idea how to solve this .

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I have created the following for a similar issue.

I inserted the text with say 250 chars in a div with overflow:hidden

I then created a div box fixed to the bottom right of the box with ... Read More or in your case maybe just the ...

I hope this may help with some ideas.

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