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I'm sure this is a simple question but I can't quite see or find the correct way to do it.

How do I add a role to a user when that user is created using the registration form?

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Found it. I was on the right track :)

Override the registration form handler.





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Don't add it to your constructor, ... my god. This is not a good way to change role at registration, because it ll change role at all actions of user. ( Bad for performance and security)

Please follow tetranz advice, Use the overrriding form way is better. But there is a good way to solve it. Please wait i ll give you an update.

Try to overide registration controller and add your user role line:


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Thanks. Overriding the controller looks like another way although it seems like it means more code duplicated in my controller class then if I override the handler. –  tetranz Sep 13 '12 at 14:51
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I'd just do it in the constructor of the user class if it involves all new users:

public function __construct() { /* your code */ $this->addRole('MYROLE'); }
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