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I am building an rss feed.

I need to output a date, I am passing though a date that the date_format function can understand, but I am not sure how to format the date so it fits with the RFC 822 standard.

I need to output a date like this: Tue, 10 Jun 2003 09:41:01 GMT

What format should I use, or is there another modifier?

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From the PHP docs for DateTime:

const string RFC822 = "D, d M y H:i:s O" ;

The corresponding Smarty string should be "%a, %d %b %Y %H:%M:%S %z".

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Ah thank you I always have trouble converting these darn things! –  Hailwood Sep 13 '12 at 3:08
in Smarty3 you can use date() syntax as well. in fact, you could register the DateTime class and accessing that const directly… –  rodneyrehm Sep 13 '12 at 7:00
FYI, Smarty3 date_format –  jifeng.yin Feb 13 at 3:42

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