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Lets say we have a website called What should be the home controller? Should it be named filmstar? And what should other actions be? If we have filmstar/actors link. Currently when i click on actors link it opens following url: filmstar/Home/Actors.

So what is the best naming convention here? Can anyone please describe in detail?

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Usually the home controller is named HomeController, and set up as the default route. – Jeremy Holovacs Sep 13 '12 at 3:47

The default url is shortened. So you can have a HomeController, and the default action of Index will show up as a url of (because the defaults are hidden).

You can apply this same logic to other controllers. So, you could have an ActorsController, with a default Index action, and then this url shows up as, and a FilmsController with a default Index action that would respond to

Think of the controller name as defining characteristic of things. And the action as how to deal with it. Thus, you would have if you want to edit a film, and if you want to create a new film. But, since the default index is hidden, it won't show up in normal views.

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There is no best naming convention, there is only default one "donain//"

Probably you are looking for url optimizations and SEO, in this case you can manage all your urls in global.asax using

RouteTable.Routes.MapRoute("Actors", "actors", new { controller = "Actors", action = "Index" } );
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The route should be /filmstart/actors and yes, you need a controller FilmStart controller with the methods returning ActionResult Index and Actors

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