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Given the item type name how do i find the underlying table on the IBM Content manager 8.4 Library Server database?

The database name is usually ICMNLSDB and the Scehma name is usually ICMADMIN

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To find the underlying first run the below query against the ICMADMIN Schema substituting the $$ItemType$$ for your item type name

SELECT k2.keywordcode comptypeid, k2.keywordname comptypename
FROM icmstnlskeywords k1, icmstnlskeywords k2, icmstcompdefs ct
WHERE k1.keywordclass = 2 
AND k1.keywordname = '$$ItemType$$' 
AND k1.keywordcode = ct.itemtypeid 
AND k2.keywordclass = 5 
AND k2.keywordcode = ct.componenttypeid 
AND k2.keywordname = '$$ItemType$$'

The COMPTYPEID can now be used to find your table the convention for the tables is the name:


Where the nnnnn is the COMPTYPEID from the previous query prefixed with leading zeros. This will then give the attributes and the ids required for generating the CMBItems. These details can be found on the IBM website by googleing the table names.

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