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I'm developing a toolset that I want to install as a scheduled task on Windows Vista & 7 (no XP support necessary). I'm looking for suggestions and I'm not tied to any particular installer framework. The requirements:

-Creates folders in and installs files to Program Files, the user's AppData folder, and Start Menu shortcuts

-Sets one of the executables installed to Program Files as a scheduled task

-Creates an uninstallation entry

-Checks for both the Visual C++ 2010 Runtime AND .Net Framework 3.0 during installation

-Doesn't have a ridiculous learning curve

Items 1 & 3 seem pretty standard to any installer framework, but I'm having more trouble finding one that can do item 2. Anyone have any suggestions for a good framework to do this? I'm using Visual Studio 2010 for development, if that's relevant to your suggested framework.

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I'm sure there are frameworks which can run custom commands - that would reduce point 2 to finding an application which sets up an executable as scheduled task - see e.g.… for that! – codeling Sep 14 '12 at 7:23

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You can try Advanced Installer, it has the support for installing scheduled tasks and also supports your other requirements.

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