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BrowserStack is a powerful platform for testing web sites against the most current and modern browser. So far so good.

BrowserStack also provides an API

The API has the concept of a worker representing a specific browser (version) loading a particular URL.

What useful things can I do with such a worker instance?

How would one integrate such a worker with Selenium tests?

How would one integrate such a worker with unittests (Python)?

How would one use such a worker e.g. for testing if a particular website with a video player would actually load and play a video (e.g. for cross-browser video testing)?

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Current API opens your provided url in all platform/browser combinations.

So, if you open an HTML page with lot of JS tests, you need to be using tool like yeti/testswarm/js-test-driver which automatically fetch results from browser.

Another example of using BrowserStack API is

Sample integration with Jenkins:

For local JS testing, you will need to use tools like localtunnel to get a public url for your local servers.

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Browserstack now offers its own tunneling program you can use – Ian Hunter Mar 29 '13 at 18:15

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