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I have a hql:

q =session.createQuery("from DrugIndentDetails as a where a.drugbase.office.hierarchy_Id=:officeid and a.drugbase.year=:yr and a.drugbase.type=:status and a.drugbase.version=:version  group by a.drugmaster.drugId order by a.drugmaster.drugCode")
     .setParameter("yr", yr)
     .setParameter("status", status)
     .setParameter("version", version);

In the result of the query i want to use join query to select values from other tables

Is this possible!!!!!

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As Sudhir Mane's answer,you can replace TableOne to a hibernate Entity like User,This is the principle of your problem

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You can use cross join the same as SQL:

select [columns you need] from TableA a, TableB b
where [condition]
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In HQL, join operator and the types of it(inner, ...), just could be used to join a table and the collection of other tables that the table owns. TO JOIN SEVERAL DIFFERENT TABLES, USE CROSS-JOIN. –  Babak Behzadi Sep 13 '12 at 7:08

Please find below the sample HQL query using Inner Join. You can specify which join required inner join, left outer join and right outer join:

   T1.Column1 = T2.Column2 WHERE Column2='XXXX' 
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but in this i have to use create sql query can i write without using that.. –  ram kumar Sep 13 '12 at 6:44
Yes you can create HQL using Domain Object & its attributes instead of the table below Login & USer are domain objects. FROM Login Inner join User ON Login.UserID = USer.ID WHERE CSLogin.ID =:loginId –  Sudhir Mane Sep 14 '12 at 5:38

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