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'Hello ! I would like to upload datas on a already created cloudsearch domain. I already process the datas by using a mapreduce job with hadoop to create a string in the JSON format.

I can't find how to upload a String directly to Amazon Cloud Search to get the data into the search domain.

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You post the documents to the documents search endpoints. (search endpoints can be found in the AWS console dashboard for your domain).

You can do this using command line tools Amazon provides, or using their java API, use curl, or just write code in your favorite language to post. There's also boto, which is a python library for aws.

Details here http://aws.amazon.com/cloudsearch/faqs/#How_do_I_upload_documents_to_my_search_domain

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Hi, how can i do this using java API. Any sample code –  najeeb Aug 11 '14 at 4:53

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