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I am using dhtmlx framework.I want to design an interface such like, overlapping of one view on the other view when i click on is some thing like in the visual studio we have "sourceControl" and "TeamExplorer" in the rightmost with vertical direction.when i click on the Source control that is expanded and overlap on the existing page.and that expanded view we can scroll the width.i used dhtmlx tabs and I have to implement the same operation.

can u tell me how to do this

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The part of Visual Studio UI that you described is similar to dhtmlxWindows. And you can use Tabbar for vertical tabs, but you should disable content zone for it:

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I used vertical tabs and for loading the content in the tab used tabbar.setContentHref();after giving tabbar.enableContentZone(false); one my content is not displaying after clicking on the tab. – steve Sep 13 '12 at 10:07

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